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Henry/Davis Wedding Video - Lilliput Productions

Henry/Davis Wedding Video

Henry & Davis Wedding

In the summer of 2014 I had the honor to film their first wedding video. Congratulations on your marriage!

“Of all the vendors at our daughter’s wedding, I believe the one who worked the hardest to make sure everything was “just right”, was Lynn. She asked to attend the Rehearsal because this was her first wedding. Her sweetness and kind nature are so endearing. She emailed ideas within 2 days after the wedding, asking if we preferred “this or that”. She went above and beyond the call to make sure everything we asked for was included, and her price was more than competetive. You can go to www.lillliputproductions.com, her own company, for more information. We gave permission for our daughter’s wedding to be a part of her youtube portfolio. She provides as many DVDs as you ask for at an extremely reasonable price. Thank you, Lynn. You are truly the best.” -Gwen Henry (Mother of the Bride)